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Monthly Archives: July 2003

Join The Mevolution

Those wacky kids. Meant to post a heads up yesterday, but we were having too much fun in the sun. Minneapolis had its second flash mob last night. I’d considered stopping by…more to observe folks trying to figure it out than to participate, as I can’t imagine the little man going along with the [...]

Turning That Frown Upside Down

Replenishing my claritin supply has made all the difference…this wonder drug has magically lowered my susceptibility to irritation of any kind, thus allowing me to have a fine day. And despite the forecast of rain, the weather has been hot and sunny. So we headed to Lake Calhoun, to play and enjoy a leisurely [...]

Furious The Monkey Boy

This week is off to a sketchy start. For one thing, I’ve been avidly avoiding my to do list. Coming up with odd chores to complete in lieu of more pressing matters. Like sweeping cobwebs out of unused corners in the basement rather than scheduling an appointment for my annual exam. Or cleaning out [...]

Every Day Is Like Sunday

Today is off to a better start. The little man slept through the night, and slept in. The sun is shining and the humidity is lower. For our breakfast I whipped up some tasty french toast, using a loaf of ciabatta, fresh strawberries, and 100% maple syrup. Do we really need to get out [...]

Dancing, And Destroying The Whole Of Creation

Such insolence. Filthy humans. Hardly a day goes by that doesn’t lower my opinion of one or all of them. The scope of their transgressions varies a great deal. In general I agree it’s best not to sweat the small things…but sometimes the small things can get you dead. I was driving home this [...]

Hellish Incarnations Of Normal Items

Feeling restless and unrested. The little man and I are a bit under the weather. And the weather is muggy at the moment. Ran the a/c last night…something I rarely do. And moved the monkey’s bed into my room, to share the frigid air with him. He fell asleep early but I had trouble [...]

Corneal Chaos

Truth be told, all is going surprisingly well with J’s eye. The surgery went smoothly, and afterwards J wasn’t so out of it as we were expecting. Likewise the little man is behaving better than expected. I was worried he’d try to pull the bandaging off or want to roughhouse. Instead he points out [...]

Windows To The Soul

I’ve been postponing this particular post for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that it totally creeps me out, but now it’s staring us in the face…so to speak. J is slated to have a cornea transplant tomorrow. Not even 30 and he’s already got to swap out body parts. [...]

Who’s Good Between The Covers?

On this fine Monday morning I am: Regretting “The Hulk“. We should have known better. Honestly. Reading Margaret Atwood’s “The Blind Assassin“. It’s off to an excellent start. Eagerly anticipating Robin McKinley’s “Sunshine” and Neal Stephenson’s “Quicksilver“, both due out in the Fall. Intrigued by Vertigo’s “The Last Man“. Suffering from seasonal allergies…and being [...]

Kicking Ass For The Working Class

Today marks the 30th anniversary of Bruce Lee’s death. But I’m feeling like he kicked my ass last night. A friend called to remind me that The Strike was playing at the Triple Rock. I hadn’t been to the new venue yet, nor had The Strike played in town for years so I decided [...]