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Corneal Chaos

Truth be told, all is going surprisingly well with J’s eye. The surgery went smoothly, and afterwards J wasn’t so out of it as we were expecting. Likewise the little man is behaving better than expected. I was worried he’d try to pull the bandaging off or want to roughhouse. Instead he points out the owie on J’s head and keeps his distance. It’s just as well. J won’t be allowed to pick him up for many more weeks, and then we’ll have to keep the rassling to a minimum, until the doc indicates otherwise. Yesterday he went in for a checkup with the surgeon. The bandages were removed for the first time, and replaced with a clear plastic shield (with bonus old lady sunglasses for outdoors). Despite being incredibly bloodshot, the vision in that eye checked out at 20/80 yesterday. Recently his corrected vision (with a contact lens in) was 20/100 but the cornea was bulging so much that contact would pop out anyhow. So 20/80, uncorrected, is a pretty big deal. But it’s going to get worse before it gets better. Apparently the donor skin over the cornea is going to slough off soon (ew) and J’s skin will be growing over it.