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Hellish Incarnations Of Normal Items

Feeling restless and unrested. The little man and I are a bit under the weather. And the weather is muggy at the moment. Ran the a/c last night…something I rarely do. And moved the monkey’s bed into my room, to share the frigid air with him. He fell asleep early but I had trouble turning in. Tried once or twice, but got up to putz around the house. Made a few attempts to distract myself. Read for a while but couldn’t concentrate. Got online but couldn’t think of anything I wanted to see. Tried to watch “Neon Genesis Evangelion: Death and Rebirth” but it was incomprehensible. Guess I should have seen the individual episodes, when J had them from Netflix. It finally occurred to me what I should be spending this free time on. Poring over “The Codex Seraphinianus“, the book J surprised me with on my birthday. I don’t dare look at it while the little man is awake. After he’s safely asleep I carry out my ritual. Carefully washing and drying my hands before creeping into the computer room to take out this rare volume. I need to obtain additional protection though…archivist’s gloves, and a fireproof security box. Last night I spent hours flipping through the pages at random, then focusing on whatever illustrations caught my eye. Took out my camera to capture a few. I’ll put something more comprehensive together soon. When I have the energy, and the computer room isn’t so stifling. For now I’ll post a teaser photo.

The Codex Seraphinianus