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Dancing, And Destroying The Whole Of Creation

Such insolence. Filthy humans. Hardly a day goes by that doesn’t lower my opinion of one or all of them. The scope of their transgressions varies a great deal. In general I agree it’s best not to sweat the small things…but sometimes the small things can get you dead. I was driving home this evening when my car was nearly struck by a driver engaging in not one, but two distressing activities. Either alone would be ill-advised, but the synergy of the two was nearly calamitous. This woman was conversing with cell phone in one hand, and eating an ice cream cone with the other. While driving. Or attempting to drive. Who does she think she is, Shiva? I only saw the two arms with the two hands too burdened to handle the steering wheel. Where’s the fire? Really, if you were in such a mad rush, wouldn’t you at least chuck the cone? If there’s no emergency, or at least urgency, wouldn’t you just pull over and polish off your ice cream? And hell, finish off that conversation while you’re at it. Grrr.