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Monthly Archives: September 2021

The Flowers She Deserves

Though I haven’t been a student for a long while, I still get those back-to-school feels every Fall. Pure nostalgia. The reality is very different, especially now. My heart goes out to parents. Particularly those of the under-12 crowd (I hope a vaccine is approved for that age group soon). But this time last year [...]

Because You Stood Still

Comic books have always been a part of my life. My brother was a huge fan and my Dad before him. We are a family of nerds. But I’ve been a little more selective in my comic book consumption. Brian K. Vaughan’s work really spoke to me in the early aughts. I loved Y: The [...]

Wonder and Inquiry

Last night I’d already planned to get to the Derecho residency on Icehouse’s patio. It’s one of Alan Sparhawk’s many side projects. But my all-time favorite band is Low, his main, long-running musical endeavor with his wife, Mimi. And I was treated to a surprise Low set last night, before Derecho’s funk kicked in. The [...]