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Monthly Archives: March 2012

The Lingering Damage

I’m sore in strange places today. Totally worth it. I am so enamored with my new (used) bike. Why yes, it is a sweet low rider. I first laid eyes on it the weekend before last, at The Hub, and obsessed about it all week. I finally made it mine Friday afternoon. But in order [...]

Flipping the Script

This week got off to a sluggish start. The transition - from a week of unstructured vacation to rigid routine - it wasn’t so smooth. I’ve been coping with a slightly rough week with copious amounts of Swedish pop music. Mostly Robyn (particularly her collaborations with Snoop Dogg). As much as I love my life, [...]

Stay Wild Forever

This week of vacation is flying by. And it’s been a pretty tame one. Hosted a Daylight Saving Time Brunch on Sunday. Trekked up to Duluth Monday afternoon, after tidying up the apartment (returning from vacation to a clean home is oh so satisfying). It was foggy when we first rolled into town so we [...]

I Can’t Stop Eating Sugar

We’re in the home stretch. Wrapping up some necessary tasks, including a benefits meeting at work and a parent-teacher conference/IEP review at school, before a weekend of excellent music and a week off from work. The lad and I will be heading up North for some of it. For much needed hotel hot tub/swimming party [...]

The Landslide Will Bring You Down

I have always been enamored of the idea of Leap Day. It’s special. An extra day once every four years? COOL. And I know two people with birthdays on February 29th. One was celebrating his “fifth” actual birthday. The other, hmmm. Maybe her eighth? Anyhow, I had really been looking forward to Leap Day 2012. [...]