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Stay Wild Forever

This week of vacation is flying by. And it’s been a pretty tame one. Hosted a Daylight Saving Time Brunch on Sunday. Trekked up to Duluth Monday afternoon, after tidying up the apartment (returning from vacation to a clean home is oh so satisfying). It was foggy when we first rolled into town so we weren’t able to see Lake Superior at all. But my smart son? When checking into the hotel he suggested to the desk clerk that we be “higher up” so she moved us from the third floor to the twelfth. When the fog did clear our view was breath taking. We spent a lot of time at the hotel swimming and hot tubbing and reading and watching Cartoon Network. Walked down to Hanabi to meet friends for dinner. Walked to Ragstock to shop. Drove up to Spirit Mountain to ride the Alpine Coaster. Had dinner delivered to our room from Pizza Luce. Had lunch at the Duluth Grill, twice. Stopped at the very sad Lake Superior Zoo on the way out of town. Got home and spent the night reading and lazing with cats. And now our Thursday is half over and there is errand-running to be done.

Five good things:

Maybe it’s time to get crazy. And, oh, take a shower. And get dressed. And junk. SPRING BREAK! Whoooo!

hotel bed jumping photos, 2012

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  1. amanda wrote:

    you know, after reading about your awesome hotel vacations for years, i think i’ve talked the hubby and kids into taking one this summer! when i pointed out cable tv, a pool, take out, we were all in. :-)

    Friday, March 16, 2012 at 11:20 pm | Permalink

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