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Flipping the Script

This week got off to a sluggish start. The transition - from a week of unstructured vacation to rigid routine - it wasn’t so smooth. I’ve been coping with a slightly rough week with copious amounts of Swedish pop music. Mostly Robyn (particularly her collaborations with Snoop Dogg). As much as I love my life, as it is, right this very moment, I can’t help but be distracted by the promise of future trips ahead. There’s a chance I may end up as an official Guinness World Record observer, as a friend of a friend attempts to break the standing record for marathon board game playing. In NYC. That would be cool.

Five good things:

Even more distractions abound. I have mixed feelings about the upcoming Prometheus. The latest trailer gave me a raging space boner but that was tempered somewhat, by a friend’s reasonable criticism:

Finding out the back story on the space jockey kind of flattens out so many of the coolest things about Alien (and why I think it’s head and shoulders above ALL of the other Alien movies). It’s essentially a suspense film that’s also a snapshot of life in that particular, albeit imagined future, era. Their ship is messy and leaky, nobody is ridiculously attractive in the conventional sense, the equipment is beat up, and they encounter things that they can’t explain, but the film recognizes that this would be a fact of life of people flying around in space, and it also recognizes that they are people who wouldn’t be able to explain. They don’t supply the audience with an “expert”, which is how Ripley functions in the next three. I like the next two a lot, but they don’t quite compare.

And this criticism reminded me of Patton Oswalt’s standup bit about George Lucas and how he’d like to travel back in time and prevent him from making the Star Wars prequels. He is not alone with that fantasy. Speaking of fantasy…I picked up a few new books to consume over vacation and they all suffer from this syndrome as depicted by xkcd. I am now taking suggestions for new fiction titles. Preferably above an eighth grade reading level. Thanks in advance!

Also, on a very sad note…yesterday some friends of friends lost their house - and more terribly a roommate - to a house fire. A fund has been set up at paypal. The email is 3500HarrietFund at gmail dot com. Please give anything you can.

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