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Monthly Archives: March 2005

The Neon Lights Create A New Reality

Destined to be a cult classic, Kontroll might just be the one film I see at this year’s film festival (aside from the kid-friendly choices, of course).

It is said that this Hungarian offering “succeeds largely on the basis of its mesmerizing surface” and…by “placing his lunatic ensemble of social misfits into a series [...]

Acute Situational Anxiety

It’s shaping up to be one of those weeks. Yesterday morning there was the pink eye panic. The school nurse called. She suspected the little man was afflicted, as he’d been seen rubbing his eyes…and a classmate of his recently had it. So after work I walked in the door with just ten minutes [...]

Wild Birds Know No Borders

I think Lizette Greco is pretty darned cool, how she creates sewn art and artifacts based on her children’s drawings…but Mike Monteiro ups the ante by getting tattoos (that’s right, plural) based on drawings by his son Henry. Wow. Color me impressed.
Very soon the little man and I will be able to dine [...]

The Casting Of A Line Out Of Chaos

The weekend has been a busy blur of activity. Highlights have included but are not limited to:

The husband scoring a kickass new job (starting out contract-to-hire at the end of the week);
Rearranging the furniture in the computer room;
Zophia making the trek to Saint Paul, so we could help her set up a new domain [...]

Easing Into The Pool

It’s been a week of transition, getting used to our new routines (which, for me, seems to include blogging before work, and posting to flickr after work). So far the little man is taking it all in stride. The other day it was his turn for Show and Tell at school. The teacher sent [...]

Politics Is The Entertainment Branch Of Industry

Last Fall a friend of a friend made Battleground Minnesota, a get out the vote documentary about politics in Minnesota. And now it’s one of 10 finalists in an INdTV contest. Watch and vote here.
Speaking of politics in Minnesota…here’s a blog action alert via New Patriot.
Oppose Metro Transit Cuts Everyone will be affected [...]

Fangoriously World Class And Grand

Congratulations to my boys. Scotty and Chuck both received Honorable Mentions in Coudal’s Crash Ballet, Part Deux contest (where a link was provided to an educational film from the 70’s called “Joyride: An Auto Accident” and participants were to take it apart and edit it however they saw fit). The top dog, Ronn Kilby, [...]

Reluctance To Leave The Spectacle

No rock rock rock for me last night. I phoned home after work to find that the little man wanted his mommy…and the husband wanted a nap. So I made a quick stop at the venue to say hi to my friend, fork over my ticket, and head home.Bonus: I appreciated this post by [...]

Walk Together, Rock Together

Today is going to kick my ass. Soon I’ll be going in for my first full day of work at the new job. Immediately afterwards I’ll be heading to the Triple Rock, for the early all ages 7 Seconds show. There I will rendezvous with Anton and Sophie, who are visiting from Chicago. I’m [...]

Gnarly But Suggestive Of Life

I’m feeling antsy, but unmotivated. A morning visit with family was tiring…and a tentative afternoon playdate hasn’t come to pass. The snowman we made yesterday seemed to dismantle itself in a hurry. Borrowed two books last night, and neither is grabbing me. A short story idea popped into my head and is demanding to [...]