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Easing Into The Pool

It’s been a week of transition, getting used to our new routines (which, for me, seems to include blogging before work, and posting to flickr after work). So far the little man is taking it all in stride. The other day it was his turn for Show and Tell at school. The teacher sent home a big tote bag, and the boy filled it up with as much stuff as possible (two Buzz Lightyears, a Woody, a Jessie, and Mr. Potato Head). As we walked out the door that morning he noticed I was also carrying a bag. Mine was full of essential items for my new desk - like my blue dragon, a Pucca, a Maneki Neko, and a photo of the little man (natch). He looked up at me and asked “you have Show and Tell too?” Well, in a sense, yes.
(I just noticed I’d originally posted the Maneki Neko photo in my blog on 02/06/03…under the heading “Show and Tell”. Spooky synchronicity, no?)
Bonus: From one new co-worker I learned of a theater in the burbs that regularly shows Bollywood movies. Complete with popcorn and samosas. Yay!
Plus: The Rockarchive Gallery (via Rachel James). I’ll take one Siouxsie Sioux and one Nick Cave, thank you. And the portrait of Moby is amusing too.
And: One of my favorite flickr photos of the week…Chocomel makes us hyper. Makes me happy.
And another thing: Simpsons easter eggs…suitable for vegans?