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The Casting Of A Line Out Of Chaos

The weekend has been a busy blur of activity. Highlights have included but are not limited to:

  • The husband scoring a kickass new job (starting out contract-to-hire at the end of the week);
  • Rearranging the furniture in the computer room;
  • Zophia making the trek to Saint Paul, so we could help her set up a new domain (more to come on that);
  • Playing outside in the mud with the neighborhood kids;
  • Cleaning the house more thoroughly than it’s been cleaned in ages;
  • Returning some long-overdue library materials;
  • The little man acquiring loads of new Incredibles swag from gift-givers;
  • Hosting a dinner party with family-like friends;
  • Catching up on my web-slurfing;
  • Raising the husband’s ire by giving the little man a “spring basket” (we’re not Christian, but recently I stopped by World Market to pick up a few necessities, you know, like imported vegan chocolate and Thai curry mock duck ramen noodles, and was assaulted by an onslaught of cuteness. I was powerless to resist).

Today’s agenda was going to include much errand-running, until I realized it’s a holiday so everything is closed. The plan has now been altered to sticking around the house to read and continue with the spring cleaning. The latter is less daunting somehow, now that the house is already in decent shape.

Bonus: James comes up with so many gems:

…paying off one more debt is a nice way to begin month four of operation: get my shit together. [insert sound of screeching eagle here]

We’re right there with you guy, though only on month one of our operation…so I don’t know if we qualify for special sound effects just yet.
Plus: Romanlily’s Easter Tree photo is a wondrous thing (best viewed large).
And: The below drawing was done by my very own Dad a few years back (before either of us had seen Donnie Darko). I love his quirkiness.

Greetings from the Beaster Bunny