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Wild Birds Know No Borders

I think Lizette Greco is pretty darned cool, how she creates sewn art and artifacts based on her children’s drawings…but Mike Monteiro ups the ante by getting tattoos (that’s right, plural) based on drawings by his son Henry. Wow. Color me impressed.

Very soon the little man and I will be able to dine together at the hitherto smoke-filled Triple Rock…as the area’s smoking ban will take effect this Thursday.

Thanks to Jonathan for the reminder…this coming weekend the 23rd annual Minneapolis - St. Paul International Film Festival kicks off. So many enticing options. So few sitters. Thankfully there’s a “Childish” sub-fest, with a few decent options for the whole family. I’m thinking the ‘Cats and dogs, living together‘ shorts, including animation by Aardman, will be our best bet.

I’ve been trying to avoid the sneak peek excerpt of Anansi Boys, because I’m never content with having just a nibble…and the main course won’t be available until September 20th.
Bonus: “…the devil-may-care deliverator is something of a sex symbol…”
A Coder in Courierland is one helluva good read.
Plus:totally just invented the best format for music EVER
My favorite examples, the Ghostbusters song and A Horse With No Name.