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Politics Is The Entertainment Branch Of Industry

Last Fall a friend of a friend made Battleground Minnesota, a get out the vote documentary about politics in Minnesota. And now it’s one of 10 finalists in an INdTV contest. Watch and vote here.

Speaking of politics in Minnesota…here’s a blog action alert via New Patriot.

Oppose Metro Transit Cuts
Everyone will be affected by the Metro Council’s proposed transit cuts, whether they drive or not. Please let them know about your opposition.

From Skyway News, comments can be made in the following ways until May 1st:

1. Comment cards, which will be made available on buses and trains;
2. E-mail to
3. Fax to 651-602-1464
4. Mail to: Regional Data Center, Metropolitan Council, 230 E. 5th St., St. Paul, MN 55101
5. The Met Council will also be having public hearings on the proposed cuts in April.
6. Finally, contact your state senator and representative and ask them to support a dedicated source of funding for Metro Transit (if you live in the suburbs, this is particularly important).Plus: After a long day apart from flickr, I arrived home from work last night to find some fabulous comments had been left on my photos, and had just started to look at my contacts’ photos, when, not five minutes later BAM… flickr was down for the count. At least there was a funny post about it on the flickr blog (with the headline “Being Owned By Yahoo Fails to Prevent Harddrive Failures”).
And: Another disappointment. The shoes I won on ebay arrived. They are lovely little faux suede flats, and came packaged in a green shoe box with pink tissue paper (a nice touch) but…though they are marked a 6.5 they’re really more like a 7.5. WAY too big for my little feet. You win some, you lose some.

faux suede flats