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The Neon Lights Create A New Reality

Destined to be a cult classic, Kontroll might just be the one film I see at this year’s film festival (aside from the kid-friendly choices, of course).


It is said that this Hungarian offering “succeeds largely on the basis of its mesmerizing surface” and…by “placing his lunatic ensemble of social misfits into a series of episodic story blocks with faultless timing, the director evocatively captures the look, mood, sounds and, most of all, the eccentric attitudes of this alien realm.” Works for me, especially after watching the trailer, which the husband was good enough to point out. We may even make a date of it. How novel.
Bonus: Too many fabulous fresh signals from Coudal to list…but if I were going to attempt it, they would include Treehugger, a ReadyMade interview with Brad Bird, and David Byrne’s new internet radio station.
Plus: Where the hell did this month go? I didn’t even attempt National Novel Editing Month (Flash to Bang is going to be languishing on my Powerbook’s hard drive for a while longer). Forget about Loobylu’s Month of Softies…maybe some day I’ll figure out how to operate our sewing machine. I didn’t submit any photos to LaLaLand either, even though I loved this month’s theme. But I did make my inaugral post to a collaborative blog, started by my new co-workers. Oh yeah, and I got a job.
And: I’ve lost my appetite…for anything but Advil Cold & Sinus, and orange juice. I seem to be sick. It’s been kind of a crappy week. At least misery loves company. In the next couple of months our very own Zophia may be both homeless and jobless. I hope things work out, my dear.