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The Dog Has Not Jumped Down Yet

Lately I’ve been simultaneously over and underwhelmed by life. It was a cranky kind of weekend around these parts, spent recovering from a crappy week…one in which I visited our urgent care clinic three times. Sure, once was a quick stop, just to pick up the little man’s immunization records, but the other two times royally sucked. And Saturday night the husband attempted to see Kung Fu Hustle without me, but was foiled…foiled! Because film fest screenings, especially weekend ones, sell out quickly (instead he saw Sin City). Hopefully we’ll be able to catch Kontroll together next weekend. Speaking of next weekend…there is much going on, including The Decemberists show (too bad it’s at a sucky ass club) and an interesting looking mask and dance production based on work by one of my favorite graphic novelists, the Norwegian Jason. For now, I’ll have to focus on getting through this week…while feeling like crap.
Bonus: Last week it was Anansi Boys…now it’s another teaser chapter, this time from the upcoming Jonathan Strange sequel (of sorts). I don’t know if I can take this sort of temptation from my favorite authors.
Plus: I owe emails to about a dozen or so people and I’m terribly sorry and I’ll try to get to them soon.
And: This just sucks…the bass player from Guitar Wolf, Hideaki Sekiguchi (a.k.a. Billy) has died of a heart attack at age 38.

courtesy of Off-Leash Area