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Even The Accordion Is Crying

A good night’s sleep it wasn’t. At 2:49am the little man barged into my room, turned on the overhead light, and collapsed into my bed. Shellshocked I got up to turn off the light. When I stumbled back to bed I found that the lad had lain down, at an angle, with his head at the foot of the bed. I carefully arranged myself around him. At one point I woke up to find him perpendicular to me, his toasty little feet jammed into my ribcage. Throughout the night we rotated on the bed, like hands on the face of an analog clock. All the while he was snuffling miserably, trying to clear his congested nose. And refusing all offers of tissue and liquid medicines. I was too tired to insist.

In non-sleepless-in-St. Paul news, I wasn’t able to participate in March’s Month of Softies, but that doesn’t stop me from appreciating it. The theme was ‘Self-portrait of the Artist as a Young Child’ - below are some of my favorites:
Camille’s adorable softie
Adam Levine’s Halifax
David Huyck’s Superman
Orriettacat’s self-portrait (only she had eyes when she was a kid)

Bonus: Susie Ghahremani has just re-launched her adorable little web shoppe (via maganda). Oh the cuteness!
Plus: The fine folks behind Giant Robot magazine have opened their very own restaurant, in Los Angeles. All week they’re celebrating the grand opening of gr/eats with special gifts provided by Converse, PF Flyers, Uglydolls, Galaxia, Touch & Go, and Matador records. And it looks like the menu (pdf) even has vegan options.