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Where’s My Tango Face?

“A kind of Spellbound crossed with Strictly Ballroom!”
This I gotta see.

Speaking of a tango, of sorts, on the way to work yesterday morning I was nearly sideswiped by a Lubetech truck. Not the way I’d want to go. Especially as the ‘L’ in the Lubetech logo was all loopy, like the ones embroidered on Laverne’s sweaters (as pictured below).
Laverne<br />
and Shirley

I did fare better on the drive home, at least. I’d finally remembered to grab the husband’s iPod (the day before the emptiness of our new FlexDock had been mocking me) and was happily driving along while listening to Mirah when I realized something. Whenever I hear Mirah now I think of Receptionista. It must be because I’ve heard her voice a bit, from her various audblog posts and the story she read on public radio weekend. They both have these amazing, resonant, sultry sounding voices. And they both live in the same corner of the country. So in my addled mind she and Mirah could be the same person. Or sisters at least.

Bonus: Pure genius. Christopher Ford Sees a Film (via Coudal).
Plus: With all The Incredibles viewage that’s gone on in our household, and the ubiquitous merchandise, and the little man re-enacting scenes daily, well, it’s nearly incomprehensible to me that there could be someone out there who hasn’t seen the movie yet. But my very own friend Dave (little one, not big) had not. In fact, he had been resistent to the idea for some reason. But recently he succumbed. And wrote me this:
“HOLY CRAP!” and “It’s awesome” and “I should have listened to you.”
Truer words were never spoken. Er, or written. Or typed.
And: More crafty consumerism. The Morning Craft shop has re-opened for spring, now with “a bizillion new items” and their “largest inventory yet” so check it out.