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Fangoriously World Class And Grand

Congratulations to my boys. Scotty and Chuck both received Honorable Mentions in Coudal’s Crash Ballet, Part Deux contest (where a link was provided to an educational film from the 70’s called “Joyride: An Auto Accident” and participants were to take it apart and edit it however they saw fit). The top dog, Ronn Kilby, had a cracking concept…complete with professional sounding voice over talent. Stellar.
Bonus: Thanks to Moe I now know that an old favorite, Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead, is finally out on DVD. This is dangerous knowledge.
Plus: The news isn’t as big, to me, as the flickr/Yahoo business…but now Hewlett-Packard has snapped up Snapfish. Let the re-branding begin. Sigh.
And: I pointed Zophia in the direction of Alternative Outfitters, an online store selling only cruelty free products. Many of which we are both coveting now. I apologized for tempting her so. She replied with:
“s’okay, as long as you never tell anyone i like something in the pamela anderson collection.”
Oh, oops. Sorry! I’m also a sucker for cute things embedded with stars.