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Monthly Archives: March 2005

Our Modern-day Mythologies

Today’s news: some ugly, soulless jerk(s) stole all of The Decemberists gear in Portland. Naturally I wish the band a speedy recovery…of their equipment. But I’m sure the best we can hope for is a relatively painless replacement of said gear.
Yesterday’s news: it’s been confirmed. Joss Whedon will be writing and directing Wonder [...]

You With Your Innocence And Grace

Times of transition are hard for everyone. But especially for the little man. Lately the poor boy’s been under a lot of pressure. At school they’ve been buckling down on “disruptive behaviors” in an attempt to prepare the kids for kindergarten. At home we’ve been more vigilant about getting the boy’s teeth brushed. And [...]

The Mediocrity Principle

Been seeing the billboards around town for Blind Justice, the latest cop show with an unconventional crime solver. There are the inevitable comparisons to the BBC’s Second Sight, starring Clive Owen. I remember quite liking what I saw of that show…and I suppose I’m predisposed to thinking that this American take on the idea [...]

Slow Motion Thaw

The husband just headed out to a doc appointment, but he’s going on a secret mission after that. To bring home The Incredibles DVD.

Which originally wasn’t slated to come out until the 22nd, but there you go. Actually coming out one week from today are two other releases, though, that I’m quite chuffed [...]

At Least Somewhat Less Baffled

When the husband woke up today he started to shave his head. Midway through he remarked “this is one way to get rid of bedhead”. Too true.
While catching up over at Electrolicious my eye was drawn to the headline: Blogging = Good For You! A sentiment I was likely inclined to agree with [...]

Every Hilarious And Painful Minute

A weekend recap…Friday: Even though it’s coming out on DVD this Tuesday, I took the little man to see The Incredibles at the theater. Again. For a total of four times now.Saturday: I could tell the boy needed to do some running around, but it was bitterly cold and blustery out. So off we [...]

Powerlines In Our Bloodlines

Yesterday the husband was copying some of his Dad’s old family videos from VHS to DVD. This meant that his computer was off limits to the little man for a time (and I was using mine) which happens frequently. But it also meant that the VCR was in use. Which means that the teevee [...]

The Mysteries Of Childhood, Creativity And Modern Science

This week the little man has got me especially worried. Each morning he’s begun protesting about an hour before the school bus comes. He says “school makes me sick” then illustrates this with a weak *cough cough* noise, as though the very thought of it is bringing on an allergic reaction. I could understand [...]

Epic In Scope And Minute In Detail

A few posts ago I listed off upcoming events, and, inadvertently, left out a crucial one. Somehow I was unaware that Andrew Bird is playing in town this Thursday night. I adore that man. Discovering him was a happy accident, when he turned out to be the “TBA” opener for Kristin Hersh about five [...]

Double Ace And Chips And Everything

It was a fine weekend, with a good balance between activity and, well, inactivity. We dined out a couple of times, ran errands, visited the library, and hung out with friends and family. Yesterday the little man and I dropped by to see the results of an annual snow culpting contest, but those folks [...]