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Monthly Archives: June 2006

The More Things Change the More They Stay Insane

June has been my month of live music shows, which has been wonderful, but between the staying out and up late, and the little man’s summer break…well, we’ve sort of inadvertently time-shifted our days forward. It’s because I don’t have the pressure of getting him to the bus stop. Deadlines do motivate me. Without them [...]

All These Years, My Feet Asleep

I have high hopes for 33. My gut feeling is that, overall, it will be a much much better year than 32 was. And I kicked it off well. We had a lovely dinner with family Saturday night, and it was fabulous having friends over yesterday afternoon. The husband and I topped things off last [...]

The Curse of Velocitization

My body seems to have a mind of its own. Often, when a particularly busy weekend is coming up, it will take preemptive action, usually by giving me a big eff you. Though things started out well enough yesterday. The little man and I had an excellent field trip, out in Stillwater, visiting the new [...]

The Best of Youth

After hearing tales from friends with daughters I have, on more than one occasion, been guilty of nodding knowingly while saying: boys are easier. But boys will be boys. Earlier this evening the husband and I were in bed, watching a DVD (disc 2 of an Italian miniseries that I am hopelessly hooked on) on [...]

All Out of My Basket

Sure, I could give the usual rundown, what I did last weekend and with whom. But all that can be gotten via flickr, really. And sometimes I just get into a naturally tripped out frame of mind, which causes me to lose my focus. Being the little man’s mother encourages this. Recently he informed me [...]

And We All Fall Down

It was another interesting-yet-exhausting week. The little man graduated from kindergarten on Thursday, with a ceremony and everything. Friday I joined him at school, again, to accompany his class on a field trip on their last day of kindergarten. It was a good time, but after spending two mornings in a row with his classmates [...]

The Goal of Irresistible Persuasion

My birthday is coming up, as it inevitably does. But this go around the husband has shocked and amazed me by asking me what I’d like. Like, giftwise. Generally he isn’t into “obligatory gifts” and I am content with the glorious baked goods he makes instead (shhh, don’t tell him that). But if he’s offering? [...]

An Environment Conducive To Sprigging

Surprising no one, the husband did not join me for the Tragedy show on Saturday (and he still needs to go to the doctor, dammit). That was disappointing. Also? I was unable to sell his ticket. But hey, it was only $8, and maybe that meant the bands got a tiny little bit more of [...]

Combat Salacious Removal

The husband and I share a love of music. Though not always the same music (thankfully there is an overlap). Sadly he doesn’t share my love of live music. The last show we went to together was at least three or four years ago. That also would have been the last show he went to, [...]

My Body is My Own

At work this afternoon, when my energy and focus were flagging, I realized I needed a little pick-me-up. So I ran out to the car to get my fix…and pulled out, wait for it, a bag of stale jelly beans. From the hot glove compartment. Admit it, you are so jealous. Ok, it may not [...]