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Combat Salacious Removal

The husband and I share a love of music. Though not always the same music (thankfully there is an overlap). Sadly he doesn’t share my love of live music. The last show we went to together was at least three or four years ago. That also would have been the last show he went to, period. So I was a little bit surprised, and a lot thrilled, when he agreed to go see Tragedy with me. I ran out and bought tickets at the Triple Rock and arranged for the little man to hang with his bio-dad for the evening. But then. Tragedy struck. Not the band, just our perpetually bad luck. Yesterday afternoon the doorbell rang. It was UPS. We are generally overexcited by special deliveries. So the husband got up and began sprinting out of the computer room. And slipped. On some paper that was laying on the floor (courtesy of the little man and his out of control art projects). And cracked his ribs against the wooden armrest of the futon couch. He is sore as heck now and more than a little cranky, understandably, and being stubborn about calling the triage nurse at our clinic. The show is tomorrow. Will he be joining me? Stay tuned. But the outlook? Not so good.


Bonus: In local news…first off, yesterday’s tale of a local, real-life Superhero to the rescue made me extremely happy. And I happened to hear an interview with Terry Skarman, the Wedge cashier who was mugged, and Cameron Evans, the Galactic Pizza delivery dude/superhero, on the CBC’s As It Happens. It was highly entertaining. Also, at long last, the new wing of the Minnesota Institue of Arts is ready. The Grand Opening is Sunday and festivities include an aerial performance by Xelias. We are so there.
Plus: Some of my peeps are currently on vacation. Milk and Cake is kicking it Texas-style, and Chuck is chilling at Vloggercon in San Fran. I don’t see any real vacations in our (near)future, so I’ll just have to live vicariously through theirs.
And: One reason we won’t be going on any vacations…the roofing job we recently had done (not cheap). It was interesting and timely to see this story today: Who’s on the roof: Immigrant labor shapes a summer industry because I’d been pondering some of those same issues, like whether or not the contractor we’d hired had used sub-contractors to do the job. But what’s done is done and we have a lovely new roof which will be an asset when we sell the house next year. (Update: the husband has informed me that Angie’s List actually states whether or not a contractor uses sub-contractors and ours does not, except for the gutter work - but that requires specialized equipment.)


  1. Kylark wrote:

    Nice Interpol lyrics! I always thought that was what the guy was singing, even though it makes no sense.

    So sorry to hear about the husbad. Broken ribs. Yeesh, that sucks.

    Well, enjoy the show tonight. I’m going to the 400 bar to see His Name is Alive. Live music is the best! Yay!

    Speaking of live music, and Interpol, I had bought a ticket to see them last year at First Ave, in March. I ended up not seeing them because it was at the height of when I was losing it. I somehow made the connection that Interpol had something to do with, um, Interpol. It’s funny now, but for a few months afterward I was kicking myself for not seeing them.

    Friday, June 9, 2006 at 2:28 pm | Permalink
  2. starfire wrote:

    I’m at Vloggercon too!

    Friday, June 9, 2006 at 5:52 pm | Permalink
  3. Kylark - yeah, those Interpol lyrics seriously do not make any sense, but I had that song stuck in my head. Oh, and thankfully the husband’s ribs seem to be bruised, and not broken. As for your show story, well, at least it’s better than if you had actually gone only to super anxious during their entire set :-)

    starfire - Aha, hence the photo of Tim! The Swedish American Hall looks pretty sweet.

    Friday, June 9, 2006 at 7:06 pm | Permalink

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