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An Environment Conducive To Sprigging

Surprising no one, the husband did not join me for the Tragedy show on Saturday (and he still needs to go to the doctor, dammit). That was disappointing. Also? I was unable to sell his ticket. But hey, it was only $8, and maybe that meant the bands got a tiny little bit more of the take. The show itself was good, though Tragedy’s set was on the short side, and I was able to socialize with folks I rarely see. And afterwards I headed to nearby Dinkytown for another fantastic flickr photowalk. All in all a good evening, even without my imaginary husband.

Yesterday we didn’t make it to the MIA, as planned. Around mid-day the little man suggested we go to the gym (not like, “hey lady, you look like you could use a workout” but because he wanted to play in the FitKid Gym). I figured we’d swing by the festivities, post-gym. But then it started raining. And I realized we had a high school graduation party to attend. The latter included the opportunity to see our adorable niece. Naturally that event won out.

Today, the little man is home with me. Last July he began kindergarten at a school that runs year-round. Now, almost one year later, I’m still adjusting to the odd schedule, with its randomly placed breaks. Looking at the school’s calendar last week I realized that the lad and I will be having four-day weekends together until July 17th (typically I have a good portion of every Monday and Friday to myself, while he’s at school. On non-school days he goes to a childcare program Tuesday-Thursday, so that I can go to work). So the two of us will have some free time while the husband will be working from home. In an effort to stay out his hair I’m planning a number of tentative field trips.

  • A return trip to the all-new Minneapolis Central Library
  • Throwing rocks into Lake Calhoun (a long-standing favorite)
  • Checking out the Midtown Global Market
  • Catching a showing of Cars (even though it doesn’t look nearly as good as Pixar’s previous releases)
  • Playdates/picnics with various friends and their spawn
  • Our inaugral trip to the new Trader Joe’s
  • Visits to the Minnesota History Center and/or Mill City Museum
  • Swimming at the YWCA on non-swimming lesson days

But before we begin checking off the items on this list, I need to get myself some coffee. I’m fresh out.


Bonus: I’ve discovered another vegan food blog. Don’t roll your eyes. This one is effing fantastic. Veganfriendly’s tagline says it all: New York City restaurant reviews by two vegans who love to eat. Okay, it doesn’t say it all. Visits to this site include an elevated risk of drooling.
Plus: When I was at the show the other night an old friend asked if I’d be going to see Gorilla Biscuits in August. I looked at him and sighed before proclaiming that it won’t be like it was in the old days. I stand by this, especially after googling revealed that they have their own profile page on, ack, VH1. That’s just wrong.


  1. Iseult wrote:

    So, I saw Cars this past weekend . . . it was bettwe than I was expecting. Besides, Paul Newman voices one of the characters. Paul Newman! He’s just so great. And Owen Wilson was, well, Owen Wilson . . . which is pretty amusing, if somewhat annoying from time to time, though the character definitely called for it. The scenery/backdrops whatever you call it was AMAZING though. Seriously, you have to see it to believe it. Pixar always does well with fully integrated environments though. So, you should definitely see Cars.

    Also, Trader Joes. Since I go pretty regularly, here’s some of my tips:

    Never get their produce. Never. It’s overpriced and rarely local.

    Always get Soy Milk there - I usually can’t find a lower price anywhere . . . and their store brand cereals and granolas are yummy and well-priced.

    The nuts and dried fruits are great quality, and while bulk at the co-ok may be a better deal, you won’t have to worry about who has sneezed in the bins since they are all individually packaged in reasonably large bags.

    I know it’s not vegan, but for any non-vegans reading, the Tapioca Pudding and Chocolate Puddings they make (Trader Joes brand) are so delicious I have a hard time buying just one container.

    Also for the non-vegans, they have the lowest-price on Kerry Gold butter, the most delicious Irish butter in the european creamery style. Seriously, you should try it. I mean, if you like butter.

    And the Charles Shaw wines - i.e. “Two Buck Chuck” - are good for two things only: bringing to the dinner party of someone you don’t like very much, or making sangria. Seriously. Though I don’t know if the MN Trader Joes will carry wine or not, if they do, there are plenty of better wines for not that much money, so steer clear of the Charles Shaw. Unless you like bad wine, that is.

    Monday, June 12, 2006 at 9:37 am | Permalink
  2. Kim wrote:

    I second that Cars is definitely worth a watch. I guess when it takes them 4 years, or whatever ungodly amount of time, to make these movies they have plenty of time to think of all the little details that make it great.

    Monday, June 12, 2006 at 12:45 pm | Permalink
  3. I have to agree with you both. The little man and I went yesterday afternoon (after hanging out at our neighborhood coffee shop, going to the bank, visiting two libraries and one bookstore). I had a hard time shutting off the part of my brain asking “well, then who made these living cars?” but somehow I still got sucked into the story. And I must be PMSing because I was nearly teary-eyed at the end. Oy.

    And Mariah, thanks for the Trader Joe’s tips. It’s been ages since I’ve been in one (in L.A. I think). We’ll probably head over there next Monday.

    Tuesday, June 13, 2006 at 8:34 pm | Permalink

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