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Monthly Archives: November 2009

The Karma of the Moment

Holidays can be hard, especially with our family. Or lack thereof. But we had a surprisingly splendid Thanksgiving. First, at a lovely gathering hosted by Mehgan and Christopher. After an enjoyable afternoon at their place we ventured forth to our annual vegan Thanksgiving, 2009 edition, at the little man’s bio-dad’s house. It was magnificent, as [...]

It Hasn’t Been All Beer And Skittles

The day hasn’t been without its highlights. But. I feel we may have fared better had we obeyed my gut instinct and stayed home (thankfully we get to do that tomorrow).
The good:

Out of the blue I lined up a pleasant-sounding little wedding reception to shoot next month.
I also unexpectedly scored a free ticket to see [...]

At Right Angles to the Action

Friday I just narrowly averted a major bout of hyperventilation. For some time now managing my finances has been a precarious balancing act. But last week I fell, without a net, and I’m still trying to figure out why. Over the years I’ve been to some financial counselors, through a non-profit agency and also at [...]

Madness Lies in the Details

What a Wednesday. After I brushed my teeth this morning I caught our cat, Freddy, sucking on my damp toothbrush bristles. Gross. After that I wound up the first Clockworker at work. Usually I am second or third on the scene. But there are some simple guidelines for the very first to arrive: 1) Disarm [...]

Multiple Possible Endings

Halloween is behind us and November is nearly over (Thanksgiving is next week!) which means we’ll barrel right on through the holidays and then BAM, 2009 will be over. And it was a year that was as unpredictably topsy turvy as any in recent memory. The highs of 2009 were downright euphoric but the lows [...]

Gossamer Web of Rationality

Clockwork’s Friday the 13th Party was a fantastic success. There were many friendly faces, old and new, with much mingling done. But one party goer happened to be a former boyfriend of mine. And, unbeknownst to me, my son had a little talk with him, man to man. Apparently he took this fellow over to [...]

Look Me in the Eye

Most of the time I can tune out the rest of the world, merrily skipping along with my son while ignoring what others may think of us. But now and again I’m faced with reality checks - often in the form of random unpleasant interactions with strangers or peers - but sometimes they come at [...]

Stillness is the Move

The butterflies are gone. Not even a twinge in my belly today. I guess that’s progress. And it only took two years for me to really stick with my mandated-by-a-wise-friend radical sabbatical (my brand of celibacy). But now I can properly avoid “The Zone of PAIN” and/or “Awkwardness” zones. Well, any new awkwardness zones at [...]

Walking Back to Happiness

I really ought to go on vacation more often. Definitely feeling refreshed this week.
Five more good things:

A co-worker purged his home library and brought in a buttload of science fiction and fantasy novels to share. I’ve been in need of new fiction (and yes, my NaNoWriMo attempt for 2009 didn’t really take).
Motorola future/Populuxe fantasy [...]

So the Story Goes

Sleeping in my own bed after a week away was pretty spectacular, but the house didn’t seem very home-y without my son in it. Tonight we’ll be all back to normal. Except better. The time apart will definitely have helped us appreciate one another even more. Anywho, I took notes along the way and below [...]