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Stillness is the Move

The butterflies are gone. Not even a twinge in my belly today. I guess that’s progress. And it only took two years for me to really stick with my mandated-by-a-wise-friend radical sabbatical (my brand of celibacy). But now I can properly avoid “The Zone of PAIN” and/or “Awkwardness” zones. Well, any new awkwardness zones at least. Unless I invent some sort of time machine to jump back and prevent any past incidents of poor impulse control. Though if I were able to travel through time such technology could be put to better use than detangling (or pre-tangling?) the romantic entanglements of one libidinous little woman. What can I say? I am only human. But a bit more detached of a human these days, thankfully.

Five more good and/or interesting things:

  • Some friends are seeing Devo in Chicago right now. So envious!
  • I love the random lovable things that A. Lee Martinez loves. Likely why he’s one of my favorite writers.
  • Interesting to see who this list has been whittled down to. ‘In January 2010, NPR will launch a year-long exploration of 50 great voices in recorded history. The series isn’t an attempt to catalog the so-called “greatest” singers. Instead, we hope to discover and re-discover awe-inspiring vocalists from around the world and across time.’
  • I would like to catch at least one movie in The People’s Republic of Cinema series. ‘Marking the 60th anniversary of “New China,” this timely series tracks the decades of political tumult and massive cultural and economic change that followed 1949’s Communist revolution. These 14 films, many of them rarely seen, trace the evolution of China through the eyes of its filmmakers.’
  • Oddly amused by this tongue-in-cheek California Divorce Ban:
    “People who supported Prop 8 weren’t trying to take rights away from gays, they just wanted to protect traditional marriage. That’s why I’m confident that they will support this initiative, even though this time it will be their rights that are diminished. To not support it would be hypocritical.”

This week has flown by and I haven’t had the excess brain capacity to create much coherent content. But I’m really not too disappointed by my inability to participate in NaNoWriMo this year. I’m still serious about the werewolf cop novel and I’m confident I will write it when I feel the need to write it. And it will be done at my own pace. I’ve been enjoying this slowing down and taking stock and hope to maintain it throughout the impending holidays.

self with sleeker new haircut

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