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Monthly Archives: October 2009

Navigating Strange Territory

It’s “Spirit Week” at my son’s school. A designation he is largely ignoring. And that was just fine on Monday aka Pajama Day. He hasn’t worn PJs in years and I couldn’t very well send him along in his boxer shorts (especially in this chilly Minnesotan climate). Yesterday was Crazy Hair Day which did appeal [...]

Style and Alchemy

Oh dear, I just played with the Soulless Victorian Dress-Up Doll. I guess I really do have a problem. The affliction? A love of satirical steampunk. I devoured Gail Carriger’s book in one sitting (alas, the sequel, Changeless, won’t be out until March). I suppose there are worse things to do with one’s Saturday night. [...]

Alone in the Dark

The days are growing shorter and colder (and we haven’t even fallen back yet) and my body and brain threaten to slip into hibernation mode. Currently I’m curled up on a couch with a blanket, and one of the cats keeping my feet warm. But I’ve been forcing myself to keep on top of the [...]

Both Raucous and Quietly Stirring

My strangely brilliant son woke up at 5am, wanting to get back to work on one of his projects. This time he’s recreating the Dr. Seuss classic, Green Eggs and Ham, page by page. Manic compulsions run in our blood. I totally get it. But I begged him to go back to bed, if only [...]

The World of the Weird

I return rested and recharged. Our long weekend was lovely and best described with photos. In Duluth, outside of the Glensheen Mansion and in the Great Lakes Aquarium and out about in Canal Park and other random spots. Or back in St. Paul, when Matt and Carrie got married.
And now, a little more than five [...]

Memory Is Dynamic

Today my brother Tom would have turned 39. Unfortunately the poor kid never made it to 19. In his short lifetime he didn’t have the opportunity to travel much, but he did enjoy our visits to Duluth, MN. And I have fond memories of our times there together. So much so that I’ve returned again [...]

True Depictions of Tomorrow

Before I left for a wedding shoot Friday afternoon I was preoccupied, running around the house, getting things ready to go. While I was ticking off items on my mental To Do list I heard my son say “I just kissed a cop and he died!” Buh? It took a moment to register. He was [...]

Keep Slipping Away

It was a strangely uneven day. I felt well enough to go back to the office but still sickly-ish. The sun came out after several days in hiding. A photogenic friend asked to barter goods for my services (of a photographic nature). Hotlanta called to chat - and made me rather jealous, that he is [...]

Shadow and Substance

These ongoing illnesses have been frustrating. And OH SO BORING. To bring up or to hear about but dammit all, they are affecting my quality of life (and the quality of my friends’ lives who have also been ill). I’m currently all bundled up in the Lady Cave at home, attempting to get some work [...]

Future Tense

Five good things for this rainy Friday:

New artwork by Trish Grantham, in Oregon. I love her stuff. Sigh.
A This Is Spinal Tap Sing-A-Long! In NYC.
“It is the pink armband of shame for wayward police officers” - To Punish Thai Police, a Hello Kitty Armband
“Weird stuff I saw in Japan.” - words and photos from a [...]