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True Depictions of Tomorrow

Before I left for a wedding shoot Friday afternoon I was preoccupied, running around the house, getting things ready to go. While I was ticking off items on my mental To Do list I heard my son say “I just kissed a cop and he died!” Buh? It took a moment to register. He was playing the character of Poison Ivy in Lego Batman on our Wii. Okaaaaay. The rest of our weekend was fairly quiet, but yesterday included more superheroes and villains at FallCon 2009, which was quite fun. We arrived early enough to receive free swag bags and we met up with a couple of friends. It was a pleasant way to spend the morning. We headed home for lunch, with our Stay Puft Marshmallow Man in tow, and didn’t leave again. Nothing could separate me from my couch. Especially with the cats pinning me down. They’ve gotten much cuddlier since the weather turned cold. That I like. This early snow? Not so much. The little man is particularly dismayed, concerned that the snow will negatively impact his trick or treating on Halloween. Hopefully it will all melt before then.

Another thing keeping me from going anywhere…I picked up FlashForward, the novel. Having watched a few episodes of the TV show - very loosely based on the book - it’s been interesting to compare and contrast. They are worlds apart and I’m pretty certain neither will reveal spoilers about the other. I like how the very seed of an idea (in this case, some unknown event causing all of humankind to simultaneously black out for a couple of minutes) can grow into such different things. A notion that is particularly relevant to me as I prepare for another bout with National Novel Writing Month, and wonder which angle I’ll end up working with my nascent plotline.

some sort of neat and expensive Japanese toy

Bonus: Royal de Luxe and their extreme awesomeness, this time in Berlin.
Plus: Crop art is for everyone!
And: Apparently a seven foot gnome was born in my neighborhood over the summer. I’ll have to drive by later…


  1. I had a table at Fallcon!

    Wish I would have known you were going to be there so I could have said HI!

    Monday, October 12, 2009 at 2:54 pm | Permalink
  2. Sharyn wrote:

    Shoot! I was super spacey that day and kept thinking “there are tables I should be looking out for” but I barely interacted with anyone. And was there at the same time as a co-worker friend and totally missed him. Doh.

    Wednesday, October 14, 2009 at 12:10 pm | Permalink

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