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Monthly Archives: January 2012

Life’s Next Random Obstacle

Instead of dwelling on frustrations of the day I’m trying to focus on things that inspire. How about five of them?

Today I learned a documentary will be made about Joybubbles. Not long before I was born Esquire published an article revealing the world of phone phreaking to the public at large. At the center of [...]

The Thunder and the Roar

As a photographer I am a fan of Intellectual Property protections, to an extent, and understand the need and desire for them. I try to both share and safeguard my work using Creative Commons and am licensing some of my photos through Getty Images. But fuck SOPA and PIPA. Yesterday’s “internet blackout” protest was interesting. [...]

Let’s Work Some Mojo

I have a long broody serious post in the works but I need a break from it. And from SERIOUS LIFE STUFF in general. So how about five awesomely fun things instead?

Just yesterday I found out I’m a huge fan of Julianna Barwick. I’d seen her name around and knew she’s on Asthmatic Kitty. But [...]

A Big Combination of Little Moments

We’re nearly a week into the new year and I don’t know where the time has gone. My son and I had a wonderful break. Lots of sleeping in. Taking walks. Maybe too much baking. Visiting the library and reading. All this relaxing was balanced by a few gatherings with friends and family. And we [...]