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A Big Combination of Little Moments

We’re nearly a week into the new year and I don’t know where the time has gone. My son and I had a wonderful break. Lots of sleeping in. Taking walks. Maybe too much baking. Visiting the library and reading. All this relaxing was balanced by a few gatherings with friends and family. And we continued with other annual holiday traditions. An annual secret satan/santa exchange. New Year’s Eve at a hotel, with pool and hot tub (and a trip to Uncle Hugo’s across the street), and New Year’s Day at the home of some lovely friends who host a gathering each year.

Five more good things:

Somewhere along the way I got sucked into a Glee vortex. And it may have influenced my playlists during this past work week. Aretha Franklin, Erasure, Orchestral Maneuvers in the Dark. But after catching up with the bright and bubbly Glee I plunged into season two of The Walking Dead (which some complain isn’t dark enough). I’ve officially consumed more than enough media for a while. Time to get back to creating. And, as with any new year, I have an ambitious list of projects I’d like to tackle. Many with my wonderfully creative son (but I know better than to post about them before they’re in progress). This afternoon we’re heading over to the Minneapolis Institute of Arts for inspiration as The Edo Pop exhibit ends tomorrow already. Seems like it just opened. I don’t want “blink and it’s over” to be a running theme of 2012.

NYE hotel bed jumping

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