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Life’s Next Random Obstacle

Instead of dwelling on frustrations of the day I’m trying to focus on things that inspire. How about five of them?

  • Today I learned a documentary will be made about Joybubbles. Not long before I was born Esquire published an article revealing the world of phone phreaking to the public at large. At the center of that world was Joe Engressia (who later legally changed his name to Joybubbles). From his NPR obituary - “Engressia had an unusual relationship with the telephone: He was born blind and used his unusual auditory gifts to pioneer the practice of phone phreaking, which involved manipulating public telephone networks.”
  • So strange to hear Jim Henson’s voice coming out of this robot, explaining “Data Communications” in 1963. A little sad but mostly neat.
  • My close friend and fellow photographer Adam Bubolz put together a Kickstarter project today - “A Decade Of Music Photos Book” - the idea is to make a hardcover book capturing some of his best live music shots, and there are a lot of them, of the last decade.
  • Speaking of photography, “Famous Photogs Pose With Their Most Iconic Images” - a book I’d love to have (wish there were more women photographers represented).
  • And lastly, somewhat of a bummer, but with a posi community-minded twist. I bring you Brewing Safety with my friend Andy H and Midwest Brewing: “one of our resident brewers had an unfortunate accident. While rinsing out a glass carboy, he bumped the counter with it and the glass shattered, cutting up Andy’s hand pretty badly. Unfortunately, he needed to have surgery done to repair his hand. We at Midwest thought this would be a great opportunity to promote brewing safety, and to help Andy out at the same time. The proceeds from all of the products featured on this page will go to help defray the costs of Andy’s recovery through February 1st. So order a Brew Hauler or some brewing gloves and help Andy out today!”

Tonight I am torn. Which would make me feel less stabby - early to bed with a book, or attending a free black metal show with the awesome FALSE? The jury is still out.


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