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Monthly Archives: December 2007

A Life of Possibilities

Predictably my New Year’s Eve plans didn’t quite pan out. I will be staying in town and my friend will be staying in his town (stuck working tonight). But I will be going out. On New Year’s Eve. That’s got to be the first time in at least a decade. Today, though, the little man [...]

Big, Fun, Scary Adventure Challenge

It’s been a couple of years since I’ve actively participated in NaNoWriMo, but I still receive (and read) the emails, and totally adore Chris Baty. His latest missive is essentially about new year’s resolutions, but with a better spin on it. 2008 is already shaping up to be a BFS year for me. Not sure [...]

A Semi-Solitary Species

Yesterday’s serious disappointment turned into a series of disappointments today. An out of town friend was going to come up for New Year’s Eve. Then that wasn’t going to work out, for a number of reasons, so the plan morphed into me meeting him in Iowa City for a show. Now that’s unraveling too. [...]

Choking on the Craving

This Christmas has been a mixed bag, as usual.

Trying on some of my Dad’s riot gear on Christmas Eve, with my stepbrother’s son.
Made a few QOOP calendars for family (a year’s worth of little man photos). They were a big hit, and super easy to make too.
Keeping in touch with friends who have gone home [...]

Whispering at the Top of My Lungs

I am sick, yet again. Merry Fucking Christmas! This has been the year of frequent, annoying minor illnesses. My throat is burning. And my earlobes too, but that’s my own fault. I finally popped in my 4g earrings yesterday, all by myself. I’m a big girl now! Anyhow, I’m cranky as hell because I feel [...]

A Peculiar Effort of Will

The little man decided to write a letter to Santa this year, all on his own. He wrote out his list, stuffed it into an envelope, addressed it to “Santa at North Pole” then handed it to me and demanded I place a stamp on it. That same day I drove him down to a [...]

In the Course of Human Events

The ball is finally rolling, for real this time. Over six months ago J and I picked up our DIY divorce paperwork. Last night we finally finished filling it out. Today he returned the packet to We The People. It’ll take them about a month to process. At which point I’ll file the final documents [...]

Plenty of Dark Places

Night falling by 5pm? Not a fan. I fight the urge to crawl into a cave, or my bedroom, to hibernate until spring. But being so sleepy doesn’t prevent me from having wicked insomnia. After last night’s unplanned evening nap I was up for a manic midnight cleaning sesh. Tonight I’ve fallen into the same [...]

Music Soothes the Savage Beast

The weekend was jam-packed with fun and productivity - which flowed on in to today - so by the time I got home tonight I was feeling fried. Passed out for a while listening to the Dirty Three and now I’m wide awake. Perhaps the fresh scent of pine is to blame. Yesterday I [...]

I Am Allergic to Myself

I’ll be the first to admit…I can be an attention whore. I think today was the first time one of my photos landed in the flickr blog (interesting to see how that’s affected its interestingness). And seeing my name in print only fuels the fire. Sometimes these look-at-me tendencies lead to good things. Like how [...]