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Whispering at the Top of My Lungs

I am sick, yet again. Merry Fucking Christmas! This has been the year of frequent, annoying minor illnesses. My throat is burning. And my earlobes too, but that’s my own fault. I finally popped in my 4g earrings yesterday, all by myself. I’m a big girl now! Anyhow, I’m cranky as hell because I feel like crap and I feel like crap because I’m cranky as hell. Right now a perfect xmas eve would be one where I knock back some Nyquil and lose consciousness for a while. But I don’t want to harsh the little man’s mellow. He’s so over the top excited about Christmas this year. I woke up to find the kid running around the house wearing nothing but boxers and a Santa hat. Le sigh.

the kid left this floppy kitteh on my bed for me

Bonus: Been zoning out in my sick bed, re-listening to In Rainbows and Drum’s Not Dead. Two very fine albums.
Plus: Started watching Superbad yesterday. Very funny, yes, but so many cringe-worthy moments. Maybe I’ll finish watching it later.
And: Still playing way too much Scrabulous. Sometimes it feels like it’s my only contact with the outside world. So pitiful.

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