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Monthly Archives: February 2006

Keeping It Real

When I picked the little man up from the bus stop yesterday we engaged in the usual “how was your day” discussion, which, with him, is like pulling teeth…of the non-loose variety. In general he quietly says “fine” and when pressed for details he responds with “I don’t know.” But sometimes he’ll offer up [...]

Kicking These Wishes To The Moon

Today is the husband’s birthday (Happy Birthday honey). I have the day off, but he’s too busy with work to do anything fun. Pfft. Yesterday we did have a birthday brunch with his family, where I met our newborn niece. After brunch we went our separate ways. The husband went rock-climbing, for the first [...]

Inherently Uncomfortable With The Notion Of Randomness

In the past couple of years I’ve heard the word “fluke” used far too many times because my life is, apparently, rather fluke-filled. This morning the husband and I went to the clinic for my post-partum checkup, and to consult with the doc about the long-anticipated autopsy report. Anatomically Felix was perfect. I could [...]

And Another One Gone, And Another One Gone…

At 5:39am this morning the little man came into my room and handed me something. Something small. I wasn’t awake yet, so naturally I didn’t have my glasses on. Thankfully I held on tightly to it, and came to realize it was a somewhat bloody baby tooth. That little sucker had been loose for [...]

The Beauty Of My Busy Brain

Too many thoughts percolating to the top the last couple of days. I’ve been having trouble choosing one and running with it. Maybe I’ll find my focus later on.Bonus: “It is a sea of excellently tousled hair.” La Coquette returns to France.

Punk Rock Zombie Kung Fu Catfight

Color me impressed. At 9am this morning (a Sunday) the doorbell rang and it was…the United States Postal Service. What the huh? This was pre-coffee, so it took me a moment to realize the package I was signing for, while still in my jammies, was a crucial one. It contained the little man’s passport. [...]

Today’s Technology Is Tomorrow’s Handicrafts

Yesterday the site was down due to some nameserver nonsense. But we’re back in business again. Phew. Unfortunately this post won’t be terribly content-rich as I’m feeling completely drained and out of sorts. This week my body and brain have been engaged in an epic battle…over what time of day is appropriate for sleep. [...]

There Is More To Life Than Increasing Its Speed

Today was a big day, and it had nothing to do with the holiday. Nope, it marked my first day back to work since we lost Felix. I can’t claim the day was a difficult one. I enjoy what I do and I adore my co-workers. We share common interests and they make me [...]

The Pleasure Principle

It’s been a remarkably fine weekend. I think I’ve even been *gasp* happy. Highlights have included, but are not limited to:

Dinner and a movie with the husband (and Joaquin Phoenix, meowwrrr).
Sleeping in Saturday morning and heading to breakfast at the Triple Rock. The husband didn’t feel like going to the WPBP breakfast, but claims [...]

The Lord Is A Shoving Leopard

It’s shaping up to be a busy weekend. Tonight the little man is staying over at Grandma’s house, so the husband and I are trying to agree on a way to spend the evening, you know, together-like. I wouldn’t mind going to see The Beauty King, but the husband, he is not down with [...]