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Monthly Archives: February 2004

As A Protest To Modernity

This evening I present to you an argument of sorts against the piracy of films. Not on the basis of economics or intellectual property rights, but more from a quality standpoint. Now this scenario is entirely hypothetical, right? Just imagine, theoretically, that one’s husband had downloaded a movie that one had wanted very much [...]

I Read That Black Holes Eat Stars…

The little man is an eating machine. At dinner last night he hoovered an entire Batura before anyone else’d had time to properly tuck into their meals. I did find another entree for him, a lovely Vegetable Biryani, that he seemed to enjoy…but he didn’t have much room for it after the bread began [...]

Live Long And Prosper

Today is the husband’s birthday, the little punk. Happy Birthday, my dulcet darling. So it’s nearly the weekend, and we’ve got an especially busy one ahead of us. Much celebrating will be done tonight, of course. Then there’s Leap Day. I’ll be participating in another Shift photography project…A Day in the Life, the Leap [...]

An Open Letter To The Little Man

You are very very cute but head-butting mommy at six in the morning is not. Gentle hugging is preferred, at least until the coffee has kicked in. Please wait until that time to commence with the roughhousing. If I happen to doze off on the couch or in the comfy chair, please refrain from [...]

Bead Me A Shimmering Dance

I’m not worthy…but Leslie Hall, the luminary behind Gem Sweaters Be Thy Name and mistress of disguise, has deigned to become my friend. Well, friendster friend, at least. I don’t remember how I first found her, but after my initial “what the huh?” reaction I dug deeper, and was well rewarded. In her Hefty [...]

Teenager Of The Year

While commuting home this evening I was thinking about the youth of today, as a few junior high kids had joined our ranks on the bus, and how different things are now from when I was their age. I could argue in favor of certain items for nostalgia’s sake, but there have been definite improvements. [...]

Frozen Follies And Mythical Meltdowns

Sorry for the silence. Getting acclimated to the new schedule, and it’s still kicking our collective asses. I do seem to be getting more accomplished now, though, than I did when I had the entire day at my leisure. The time restraints are spurring me into action, as I’ve always been more productive under [...]

Look For Happiness

The weather was so mild last night that I busted out a light coat, one I’d picked up last fall at a neighborhood thrift store and not had much opportunity to wear. It came as a pleasant surprise to read an inner tag for the first time, instructing me to “wear in good health”. [...]

Cannibal Women In The Avocado Jungle Of Death

It’s been a day of creation, and a certain amount of destruction, around these parts. The boys built miniature snowmen on the front steps. I enjoyed the extra fine weather for a while, but spent most of my time indoors…getting high off glue fumes. Unintentionally, of course. I’d gotten my friend a couple smallish [...]

Democracy Now

Well, we went for it. But not via any bus. I drove us to the Minnesota State Capitol and hoped for the best. We managed to find a meter that wasn’t too far away, and thankfully it’s quite mild out. But once we got to the rally we were enveloped by utter chaos. There [...]