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Democracy Now

Well, we went for it. But not via any bus. I drove us to the Minnesota State Capitol and hoped for the best. We managed to find a meter that wasn’t too far away, and thankfully it’s quite mild out. But once we got to the rally we were enveloped by utter chaos. There were people crammed into every nook and cranny, with small children popping up and out of the strangest places. Though I couldn’t spot our classmates anywhere. Naturally the little man didn’t want to sit still, but preferred to go exploring. Who can blame him…it’s an interesting old building. And I couldn’t hear a thing anyway. Whatever came out of the loudspeakers was all muddled sounding, like when the grownups speak in the Peanuts cartoons. We headed for home after a few rounds of going up and up and up the stairs then down and down and down again. Sadly we didn’t make it on to the news this time…though I’m told we aired on Channel 11 last night, and were rebroadcast early this morning.
update: Three more folks have weighed in, stating they saw us on the Fox 9 news, rather than Kare 11. Either way, I’m not shelling out $30 or so for a copy of it.

approaching the minnesota state capitol
snack time at the foot of some statue
crowd shot in the rotunda
cool looking old bench
the little man looking a little wiped out
last shot before leaving the minnesota state capitol