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Live Long And Prosper

Today is the husband’s birthday, the little punk. Happy Birthday, my dulcet darling. So it’s nearly the weekend, and we’ve got an especially busy one ahead of us. Much celebrating will be done tonight, of course. Then there’s Leap Day. I’ll be participating in another Shift photography project…A Day in the Life, the Leap Day. I’ll snap off one photo every hour that I’m awake on this extra day. Will also be taking the little man to see “Beyond Boreas! A Puppet Show of Frozen Follies and Mythical Meltdowns” at the Minnesota History Center. And lastly, ugh, cleaning. Much cleaning needs to be done, just because. The chaos has gotten even more out of control with the new schedule. And the new schedule is going to get even more out of control come Monday, when the husband starts working a second job (between our three part-time jobs we may just scrape by). But I have to stop neglecting this old house. An added incentive to get cracking is a proposed home visit from the little man’s new teacher next week. There’s much on our plates but hopefully not more than we can handle.

blue sculpture thingies
first something or other building
danger high voltage
exit only
bus shelter ceiling