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I Read That Black Holes Eat Stars…

The little man is an eating machine. At dinner last night he hoovered an entire Batura before anyone else’d had time to properly tuck into their meals. I did find another entree for him, a lovely Vegetable Biryani, that he seemed to enjoy…but he didn’t have much room for it after the bread began expanding in his little belly. Though he somehow managed to make room for birthday cake later on. Speaking of which, last night’s birthday boy is notoriously camera shy. Or more accurately camera averse, if such a device happens to be pointed in his direction. I don’t much care for photos of myself either, but the husband is far more photogenic than I am. Still, in lieu of photographing him on his special day I made due with taking even more photos of the little man. I especially liked his Ralph Macchio/Karate Kid look. He looks so happy in that picture. Unfortunately we’re both a bit on the cranky side today. He stayed up over three hours past his usual bedtime, yet still woke up around six today. We didn’t get anywhere near enough sleep, so we’re not our usual bright-eyed and bushy-tailed selves today. Instead of cleaning the house, as per my original plan, we hightailed it to the Riverview Theater (on the nicest day of the year) to nap through their child-friendly offering. Like mother, like son apparently. Though when I regularly fell asleep at the Riverview it was during their midnight movies…not the mid-afternoon movies. Today’s film wasn’t worth staying awake for anyhow.

birthday card for the husband
birthday card for the husband
birthday card for the husband
peering around the corner, waiting for cake
sarah lighting the candles on the cake
the candles placed to make the number 29
two fisted cake eating
dave and hl
my boy, the karate kid