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As A Protest To Modernity

This evening I present to you an argument of sorts against the piracy of films. Not on the basis of economics or intellectual property rights, but more from a quality standpoint. Now this scenario is entirely hypothetical, right? Just imagine, theoretically, that one’s husband had downloaded a movie that one had wanted very much to see. And that one happily watched a fairly high quality copy of this film, say about 75% through…only to have this hypothetical copy crash. In the midst of a pivotal scene towards the end of the film…when one was, hypothetically, very much emotionally invested in said film. And even though one had, theoretically, read the book beforehand, thus knowing the story’s ending, one really would have liked to see how the filmmakers handled said ending. So this could, theoretically, make for a highly frustrating Saturday night, no? Sigh.