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Nostalgia Is Now

We had a rather strange leap day. Incredibly hectic with the mood swing pendulum arcing from extreme crankiness to utter glee, and back again. Dragged the poor little man around town for a couple of hours early in the day, to photograph restaurants for the Regional Vegetarian Guide. After being so close to so many of our favorite restaurants (that we can no longer afford to eat at on a regular basis) I finally broke down and took us to lunch at Jasmine Deli. But how can you beat sandwiches (tofu and mock duck, with veggies, on french bread) for just $2.50? Meant to photograph said sandwiches but we’d already devoured them before I remembered. Afterwards we met up with the ladies for a bit at Anodyne Coffeehouse. There is currently some artwork on display there that we all appreciated, but we’re thinking we could likely make the shadow boxes ourselves…for less than the $180 asking price. Then it was back to the house, briefly, to retrieve the husband and head to the Minnesota History Center. So the puppet show wasn’t all that (well, I think the little man would have enjoyed it, but the husband wandered off and the boy gave chase) but the Small Wonders exhibit is sooooooo freaking cool. We’ll definitely be heading back for a repeat viewing. We had to hightail it out of there early as a friend was coming over to the house, to work on a special secret project (more details to be disclosed at a later date). She left in time for me to watch the Oscars, but I decided to skip it. Besides, the rather uncharitable (though not entirely off the mark) Chuck watched for me…and I perused some of the red carpet galleries this morning. From what I’ve seen some of the stars really need to lay off that self tanner. Ew. Anyhow, I made the busy-ness even busier by participating in the photo project, “A Day in the Life: the Leap Day”. Click here, or on the photo below to launch the gallery.
click to launch leap day gallery