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Monthly Archives: February 2004

Worth Reaching For

The last 24 hours or so have been especially active. After work last night, when the little man and I were reunited, I took him over to the co-op to pick up a few things. He was immensely pleased to find the little red grocery cart available for his use, and made many playful [...]

On The Bus…that’s Where I’ll Be

Well, another big day for our little crew. Looked at the morning paper, online, of course, to discover that the Ice Palace would be coming under the wrecking ball at 9:45am this morning. Turns out that was a figure of speech, unfortunately. I took the little man down to the bus stop for his [...]

Lincoln Was Born In A Log Cabin He Built With His Own Two Hands

The husband performed admirably in my stead. I left the camera behind, as strange as that was for me, so he could document the big day. Though I noticed two things in the photos. In the first, you get a feel for how messy our house currently is…what with the prone bodies of Playmobil [...]

La La Love You Don’t Mean Maybe

My pretty baby has his first official pre-school class this afternoon. I say “official” as this marks his entrance into the public school system. Until now the little man has either been at a private facility, home with me, or accompanying me to once a week ECFE classes. The big day would have been [...]

Member Of The Snack Food Association

Could I be any more stressed? We ran errands all morning and I still have piles of laundry to wash and stacks of forms to fill out and the Schoolhouse Rock DVD is stuck, according to the little man, and my stomach is all upset and I hope I don’t hurl. Would serve me [...]

3-2-1 Let’s Jam

Oh Joss, how could they do this to us? In less heartbroken news…our “weekend of romance” has been pretty low-key. The husband and I don’t celebrate V-Day (though I did send him a card from the Fuck Hallmark collection, courtesy of You, Yes You). The charms of our relationship are encompassed within our daily [...]

Don’t Push The River, It Will Flow By Itself

This last week has been particularly hectic, with lots of time spent preparing for upcoming transitions. But it hasn’t been all suck. Some recent highlights: Last weekend my folks loaned us the infamous DaVinci Code…loved by the masses, loathed by some librarians (as “airport fiction”, it’s been likened to a cheap knockoff of Foucault’s [...]

Creatures Of Habit

Like most children his age, the little man is into routine. Routine can be comforting, but he’s flexible…every now and then he’ll mix things up. He used to wake up and wait quietly in his room until mommy got up. These days he’s too impatient for that. He barges into my room, jumps into [...]

I Have Never Seen Two Eyes So Shiny

February has, inadvertently, become the month of little man photos. Well, every month is to an extent, but this one more so than others. I’m guessing it’s because the separation anxiety is kicking in. Monday he’s slated to start afternoon pre-school, and I may or may not start a part-time job the very same [...]

A Blast From The Past

Last night my life passed before my eyes. Some time ago the husband had backed up the bulk of my photos, from the last five or six years. Yesterday we got to talking about the little man as a baby. The husband missed out on a good chunk of his babyhood, as he hadn’t [...]