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Monthly Archives: April 2010

The Necessary Overlapping Skills

In St. Paul news, my Dad, a veteran of the SPD, gives the new police chief the thumbs up. Apparently the guy is even a West Sider, like myself. And sometime tomorrow I will be stopping by the estate sale of a St. Paul warlock, in his Summit Avenue mansion. I’m not getting my hopes [...]

Eat or Be Eaten

As a long-time vegan I often find myself engaged in the same discussion with different people. About my initial ethical/environmental/health reasons for going vegan and why I remain vegan. Sure, a lot has changed since I first went vegetarian. People seem to be more aware of awful factory farming conditions. Many are opting to consume [...]

The Mystery of the Deep

I’m not sure exactly when it happened, but I feel like my son has turned a corner with his reading skills. It’s flowing a lot better, even if he still complains bitterly about it. And he’s been scoring 100% on his spelling tests at school, though he says the tests are stupid. No idea where [...]

Respond in Silence

It was another deliciously full weekend. Spent Friday night at home, with friends, watching them delight in the wonder of the world’s weirdest book - The Codex Seraphinianus. Saturday saw the boy and I venturing over to a clothing swap with a bigger group of friends. Thankfully I left with less clothing than I’d arrived [...]

Phantom Power

Yesterday afternoon I stopped by Succotash (a vintage/retro store) and while chatting learned of the Velveteria. I can’t believe I didn’t know of its existence! Plus it was OPEN when I was in Portland! I was in near proximity and had NO IDEA. Alas it has since shut down and the owners have returned to [...]

Continuum of Consumption

In news of the out-with-the-old-and-in-with-the-new(old) variety, this weekend some friends are hosting a clothing swap. Possibly in honor of tomorrow’s Earth Day (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle)? Tonight I need to begin digging through my wholly disorganized closet. And the weekend after next is the huge 100 mile garage sale that spans Minnesota and Wisconsin. And [...]

Unapologetically Grand

Things continue to go swimmingly. We had yet another mighty fine weekend with gorgeous weather. And another quick trip to Cake Eater on Friday, along with other errand-running (new more comfortable patio chairs were acquired). My son had plans to see the MONDO Spectacular Variety Show Saturday night with my lovely ex, and to sleepover, [...]

Floating Beyond All Cares

My Thursday was super ultra fantastico. A friend is now a co-worker! And another co-worker friend came over to my house after work to begin the raised bed garden planning, in earnest. And my sitter friend came by so I could get out to see Brute Heart and Daughters of the Sun and oodles of [...]

Making God Bleed

If I were seeking signs of an impending apocalypse now might be a good time for it. There was last night’s brilliant fireball streaking across skies over the Midwest, with its smoke plume visible on Doppler Radar. But no cause for alarm. Just a meteor. Or was it?
Then there’s Iceland, with its volcanic activity. [...]

Rivers of Noise and Distraction

You ever feel like you’re playing connect the dots - spending so much time scrambling to get A connected to B then lined up to C, ad infinitum, with all your focus down in the nitty gritty in macro mode, that you lose sight of the big picture? Maybe it’s just me but I’ve been [...]