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Continuum of Consumption

In news of the out-with-the-old-and-in-with-the-new(old) variety, this weekend some friends are hosting a clothing swap. Possibly in honor of tomorrow’s Earth Day (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle)? Tonight I need to begin digging through my wholly disorganized closet. And the weekend after next is the huge 100 mile garage sale that spans Minnesota and Wisconsin. And I do believe there is more thrifting in my future. I’m already filled with regret, after not having purchased a musical instrument last night at Unique Thrift. It took some googling but I’ve come to realize it was a zither! And am now kicking myself. I ought to go back for it. Everything is 25% off on Tuesdays. Perhaps it will still be there next week.

Now for five random items of interest:

Somehow I missed this before. BBC Autism season kicks off:

Beginning on April 22nd, a follow-up film to last year’s successful The Autistic Me will be aired. Called The Autistic Me: One Year On, the documentary revisits the people who were in the original film and finds out how their lives have progressed.

I need to see that. And on that topic, I tried to suppress my own knee-jerk reaction when I saw the title of this article: “I give my autistic son pot” - as mother and writer Marie Myung-Ok Lee attempts to educate others about how “a useful and harmless botanical have been so clouded by stigma” in a three part series. Part one, part two, and part three. My heart goes out to her and her family…while also making me feel deep relief that my own son’s autism is nowhere near so severe.

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