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Unapologetically Grand

Things continue to go swimmingly. We had yet another mighty fine weekend with gorgeous weather. And another quick trip to Cake Eater on Friday, along with other errand-running (new more comfortable patio chairs were acquired). My son had plans to see the MONDO Spectacular Variety Show Saturday night with my lovely ex, and to sleepover, which gave me an evening out. I dropped the lad off before venturing out for some late afternoon Record Store Day action. Only made brief stops to Road Runner and Extreme Noise, but still. Then it was dinner at Kinh Do and a little time with friends on a front lawn - with a cat happily hanging out on a leash - before the evening’s aural onslaught began. Sometimes I am the little engine that could. I powered through three shows: Skoal Kodiak at MCAD, Young Quitters / Visions of Christ / Growing in the 7th Street Entry, and lastly Thunderbolt Pagoda at a semi-secret location. I would have liked to have gotten to The Wedding Present at the 400 Bar and to get a glimpse of the lineup over at the Turf Club as well, but I haven’t quite perfected cloning technology just yet. And who really wants an army of me running all over town?

Some Monday morning weirdness:

  • Oh Finland, making the metal for the kids. Squirrel-style with Pikku Orava or dinosaur-style with Hevisaurus. A friend noted “The children need metal, to make them grow strong like vikings!” Makes sense.
  • Uber-creepy yet fascinating video of talking robot mouth.
  • This “trustworthiness of beards” illustration had me nodding my head in agreement…though I do happen to trust werewolves, in some instances.
  • Where creativity wags its tail? Umm. It’s like Best in Show meets Strictly Ballroom and utterly baffling to me. I wonder how the dogs feel about it (see Francesca the seahorse or Mia, a bichon frise, who was groomed to resemble Lady Gaga).
  • Googly googly woosh? Apparently this behavior is endearing in India. But it makes me want to punch someone in the throat. You have been warned.

We rounded out our weekend with a Sunday night BBQ with friends. The early arrival of a warm Spring has made such things possible (and Picnic Club will be starting up again soon). I managed to derail conversations, as I do, and push things into puberty territory. On my mind, after this business with my boy. And getting other people’s own puberty talk tales only leads to much hilarity (and much cringing). Less loaded topics came up too though. Like Iceland, which came up in conversations a few times over the weekend. Often I talk about how I’d love to return but maybe not just yet. “It seems we’re getting pretty good at exporting our disasters,” said Egill Helgason, a political commentator and host of a well-respected political talk show. “I think people might get funny ideas about Iceland.” But, he quickly added, “We’re not to blame for an eruption.” This is true. And speaking of Iceland…Jónsi (from Sigur Rós) will be performing two shows this weekend at the Pantages Theater in Minneapolis. Alas, tickets are spendy and there are other shows and happenings happening, as always.

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