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Floating Beyond All Cares

My Thursday was super ultra fantastico. A friend is now a co-worker! And another co-worker friend came over to my house after work to begin the raised bed garden planning, in earnest. And my sitter friend came by so I could get out to see Brute Heart and Daughters of the Sun and oodles of friends at The Hex. And today is payday PLUS my federal tax refund automagically appeared in my account today (never mind that I’ll be handing the bulk of it over for summer camp). And my lovely child will be having a sleepover tomorrow night so I’ll have an entire evening off. And we have a BBQ with friends to look forward to on Sunday. All of these elements combined have put me in a pretty stellar mood.

Now for five good things, life aquatic style:

Despite all the happy and fun (or maybe because of it) I decree tonight shall be reserved for taking care of business. Like renewing license plate tabs. Restocking groceries and sundries. And hitting up the art supply store. My boy has a hankering to make some more slugs out of clay. Who am I to question such creative impulses? And perhaps there will be fire. Our first of the season in our crumbling firepit. Yes. Life is good.

Daughters of the Sun

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