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Monthly Archives: April 2010

Behind The Curtain

While life has been pretty stellar for me lately, my poor boy has been having a rough week (which makes me feel guilty about having a better week myself). He’s contending with out of control seasonal allergies. And yet another loose tooth. And standardized testing. And now, this…from one of his teachers today:
I thought I [...]

A Matter Of Scale

What a wonderful weekend. Life is good right now, despite our egregious seasonal allergies (I practically have to sit on the kid to get the prescription eye drops in his eyes). A small price to pay for contentment I guess. Though I am just superstitious enough to think I should shut up now, lest I [...]

When The Asteroid Strikes

Things are looking up, in general. Specifically? I’ve been getting more positive feedback, across the board, about the school I’ve selected for the kiddo for grades 5-8. And I now have a line on some summer childcare options. Of which the least expensive is $150/week. Ouch. (Thankfully my state tax refund magically appeared in my [...]

Expectancy and Apprehension

I am not an indecisive person. Life is much simpler when clear options present themselves, to be sure, but that isn’t always the case unfortunately. And hasn’t been, at all, when determining which school my son will attend for the 2010-2011 school year (and beyond). But I have a good feeling about the one I [...]

When a Rider Sees the Fox

Now that Spring has sort of sprung I feel like things are starting to happen. My friends’ new business venture, Cake Eater Bakery, opened yesterday with a bang! I was able to take a few photos amid the throngs. I look forward to many happy returns (their launch day just happened to coincide with the [...]