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Monthly Archives: January 2009

Holding On To What’s Golden

I have an actual post in the works, but am currently lacking the brain capacity/free time to finish those thoughts. So a little more filler for now. But we’ll spend some quality time together. Soon. I promise.

This came up at work recently, before a lunch run. The official rules of calling shotgun.
A local photographer who [...]

Steely Resolve and Fanatical Tenacity

Celebrating Chinese New Year will only encourage the boy, with his continued Chinese Zodiac/Jackie Chan Adventures fixation, but I can’t help myself. I’m not sure what to offer up to the kitchen god tonight but we will definitely be lighting up some sparklers. Outdoors this time. I don’t want to burn the house down.
Since [...]

Falling to Earth

Last night I fell asleep feeling stressed and sad. It didn’t help matters when my son woke up at 4:16am this morning. Nor did my oddball dreams. Of someone flashing a laser pointer around my bedroom (that didn’t really happen, did it?) or another about our impending office move. Somehow the movers took a wrong [...]

Feeding Hungry Minds

I have developed a bit of a crush on Katie Beaton. All her comics are fantastic. Particularly her conversations with a younger self and the history projects (”like xkcd, but for history”). They’re all so amazing it’s impossible to choose a favorite. But what the heck, here’s Charles Babbage - hater of musicians who could [...]

Tolerance and Curiosity

What can I say? I’m not quite so jaded and cynical. I felt the need to tap into some sort of communal experience this morning. So I found myself standing out in the cold for a good forty minutes, waiting to get into The Riverview. It was worth it to watch the inaugural ceremonies on [...]

Just One Belief System Among Others

Felt like I was in shark mode this weekend. In constant motion, to keep from asphyxiating or sinking or thinking too much.
Friday evening I had some downtime with the boyfriend. Before he headed to band practice, and I dashed off to watch the Battlestar Galactica premiere with friends. Did anyone else get brains in [...]

Like Sliding Off a Cliff

I’ve put the kaibosh on all the moping and am coming to terms with what was ruining my fun. And I think I can roll with it. So I’m feeling better, mentally. Physically? Well, Bruce McClure’s “totally sensory experience” made a bunch of us fairly ill last night. One audience member said: “The only way [...]

Motherhood Means Mental Freeze

Last night I skipped the moping (about circumstances beyond my control), and the bowling with co-workers, but opted for more Wii bowling with friends instead. That part of the evening was blissful. The parenting portion? Not so much. The boy doesn’t cope well with change and there’s been quite a lot of it at school [...]

The Road to Abject Heartbreak

I have some serious ruminating to do. Since the answers won’t come all at once I may as well break up my quiet contemplation with various distractions.

I am enamored of this very short film, Trick.
My Warriors arrived yesterday. I would have liked the book too, but it’s hard to come by, so I settled [...]

One Hundred Years Behind My Eyes

This past week I took my new resolution to heart, the one about letting the good times roll. Maybe more so than intended. Thursday night the boyfriend and I watched The Wrestler (excellent). Friday night we attended the Paul Metzer/BMGH/Oktaha show at Eclipse Records (fun). Last night we didn’t leave the house, but had a [...]