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One Hundred Years Behind My Eyes

This past week I took my new resolution to heart, the one about letting the good times roll. Maybe more so than intended. Thursday night the boyfriend and I watched The Wrestler (excellent). Friday night we attended the Paul Metzer/BMGH/Oktaha show at Eclipse Records (fun). Last night we didn’t leave the house, but had a few friends over for more Wii. Very patient friends. Ones who didn’t balk when asked to assemble an IKEA TV stand prior to game play. All this activity, though, has resulted in an extra lazy Sunday. Lots of laying around, listening to my recently revived stereo system. And I am ok with that.


Random round-up:

Not planning to add another resolution to my list, but I have a short-term goal for the coming week. More frequent posting to prevent the build-up of these sorts of tidbits, and the tackling of more To Do list items. Like renewing my passport, dealing with some HSA stuff and gathering tax related materials. The excitement never ends.

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