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Feeding Hungry Minds

I have developed a bit of a crush on Katie Beaton. All her comics are fantastic. Particularly her conversations with a younger self and the history projects (”like xkcd, but for history”). They’re all so amazing it’s impossible to choose a favorite. But what the heck, here’s Charles Babbage - hater of musicians who could not abide sloppy math.

Five other things I am currently consuming:

This week has sort of rushed by and plans for the weekend are hazy. The Talkers are playing The Entry tomorrow night and the Turf Club is hosting the Go Negativ zine launch Saturday night, but I will likely be staying in. And I am ok with that. My priorities will include: cupcakes, sledding, the gym, paying bills, and watching the next episode of Battlestar Galactica. And hopefully seeing the boyfriend in there somewhere.


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