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Just One Belief System Among Others

Felt like I was in shark mode this weekend. In constant motion, to keep from asphyxiating or sinking or thinking too much.

Friday evening I had some downtime with the boyfriend. Before he headed to band practice, and I dashed off to watch the Battlestar Galactica premiere with friends. Did anyone else get brains in their hot wings? The juxtaposition between unexpected on-screen violence and the sudden cutting to KFC commercials was jarring, to say the least. I will give away no other spoilers.

Saturday morning I retrieved my son on the way to brunch with friends at the Triple Rock. Sleep deprivation + food coma = naptime. But it was brief, as I was taken by a burst of productivity before heading out again for some Saturday night silliness with Maria and her kin. Though we didn’t stay long. The lad and I were both beat. After getting him to bed I remained upright and awake, but only just barely, to watch 30 Days of Night. It met but did not exceed my low expectations.

Today I got in an early workout at our YWCA before popping by the new Seward Co-op location. So big and bright and open. Initial impressions were favorable but still no WholeSoy Yogurt? I will forever be doomed to acquire it from the always over-crowded Wedge Co-op. After a stop at home to put the groceries away and scarf down lunch and shower we went back out into it. It was our second annual visit to Medicine Lake for the Art Shanty Projects. I consider it one of my happy places. Especially in today’s mild weather. On the way home we checked out a fairly picked-over World Market (sadly the stores are all closing in MN). I was able to stock up on their inexpensive but decent coffee and some vegan chocolate. At home we had an impromptu visit from an old neighbor friend and suckered him into some Nintendo Wii playing.

This weekend I also met five new cats (but only photographed three) and received continual updates from a friend who ate his way through my favorite NYC restaurants before moving on to D.C. for inaugural activities. I expect more updates to come. But for now it is back to The Accidental Time Machine. I imagine I’ll get to the end tonight, unless I lose the battle against The Cocteau Twins and their lullabies put me to sleep. Or I accidentally hit the reset button and skip and skitter my way through the space time continuum.

walking into the thick of things

Bonus: Keanu saddles up for Cowboy Bebop? Just say NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! My all-time favorite anime doesn’t need to be transformed into live action trash. Particularly not with the wooden Keanu Reeves as Spike Spiegel.
Plus: Recently I was told that squirrels are, in fact, nature’s ninjas. That got me to thinking about the stealthy pizza-stealing squirrels we encountered last summer. And I started wondering if these ninja pizza squirrels would enjoy pizza beer. Hmmm.
And: How Crucifucks Frontman Doc Dart Became a Man Named 26 by Sam McPheeters (yep, the singer from Born Against).

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