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Steely Resolve and Fanatical Tenacity

Celebrating Chinese New Year will only encourage the boy, with his continued Chinese Zodiac/Jackie Chan Adventures fixation, but I can’t help myself. I’m not sure what to offer up to the kitchen god tonight but we will definitely be lighting up some sparklers. Outdoors this time. I don’t want to burn the house down.

Since the Year of the Ox is upon us that should make it my year. And all is mostly well, honestly. But trust me to find the right man at the wrong time. For him. I’ve gone through my own upheavals over the last few years, but have fully settled into my life. Sure, I struggle at times but I forge ahead with my son, in our home. Which I am able to maintain because of a kickass company I thank my lucky stars to be a part of. I crave and require a certain level of stability. The boyfriend? His life is in a state of flux. Everything is up in the air while he finishes law school in a shitty job market. Prospects are slim here so he will be interviewing out of state. This week. Guess Yo La Tengo was wrong. I can’t have it all. But I do feel like he is worth fighting for. What I need to do now is:

  • Quit holding my breath and relax already.
  • Continue doing my own thing, like I do.
  • Allow myself to enjoy what time we do have together until who knows what.

Hmmm, I didn’t declare a New Year’s resolution for 2009, but it looks like I’ve just come up with a Chinese New Year’s resolution. And I’m all right with that.

Emily's latest piece

Bonus: Next weekend will be a busy one. Plans are in the works for a group expedition to the Saintly City Cat Club’s annual cat show (really). I’d like to hit up the Torchlight Parade if it isn’t too cold (the Black Dog is the official warming house). Clockwork moves into our new building (yay!) and will be having an employees + family unpacking party. I’ve also been invited to a Super Bowl/housewarming party.
Plus: Whenever I’m feeling low I have to remember to watch something bleak to perk myself up. The latest Battlestar Galactica episode, A Disquiet Follows My Soul, did the trick quite nicely.
And: Pop punk also helps soothe my troubled soul and I’ve been on a Marked Men kick lately. Thoroughly enjoying their latest, Ghosts. Especially the song Ditch.

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