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Monthly Archives: July 2010

Race to Oblivion

As July comes to a close I am trying to keep my anxiety attacks in check. They’re mainly centered around how incredibly busy my August will be (and over my son’s random outbursts of pre-teenage rage). I have a horrible habit of stretching myself too thin. Need more gentle - or not so gentle - [...]

Before the Flood

This blog has never been about any one thing. I don’t have the attention span or focus for that. But I do tend to discuss (or photograph and think a lot about) food and cooking. We need to eat to live so yeah, it’s on my mind. Though I have a tendency to make it [...]

Thunderbolts and Sparks

Last week my life was on a particularly uneven path - like driving on nothing but rumble strips. All the stress and gnashing of teeth left my jaw aching. And one of the bigger potholes in the road, so to speak, involved the need for Cipro…but thankfully Antrax exposure wasn’t involved (and I do feel [...]

Unconscious Mental Maps

I had been feeling like I frittered away the weekend somehow, but it was restful. And necessary. Especially in light of what the week has brought me. So I’m glad I kicked back and watched the Joy Division documentary on Hulu. And finished reading Stieg Larsson’s The Girl Who Played With Fire. A good chunk [...]

You Have No Control

Some Wednesday random-ness, about exercising extreme control or losing it altogether (or anything in between), to go along with the wild weather we’re experiencing in the upper Midwest.

We’ve long been enamored of Talking Carl around here, but someone just made Dueling Carls. Sounds like a noise band. Can’t wait to show this to my [...]

A Tough Day For Eccentrics

Beatnik celebrity poet, singer and Greenwich Village resident Tuli Kupferberg died at age 86. As did pioneering comic memoirist Harvey Pekar at the age of 70. The hell? Guess it is a good time to point out The Pekar Project:
Harvey Pekar’s been mining the mundane for magic for more than 30 years in his autobiographical [...]

A Master of Frisson

Want to know about my latest five minute crush? I get so excited thinking about him…and how smart he is. His name? Just Paul. The octopus oracle. I haven’t actually watched any of the World Cup but have been enjoying this psychic cephalopod’s predictions just the same. A different octopus altogether…Mr. Bob…spent a year in [...]

Life Is Messy

This morning I woke to find my migraine still in residence and had to suppress the urge to smash my alarm clock to bits with a sledgehammer, Gallagher-style. Before my coffee kicked in I was ambushed by a bill collector who smooth-talked me into parting with $200 I can’t really spare and two freelance gigs [...]

Capturing the Flag

Feeling a little lousy on this hump day but how about five good things?

Blu’s BIG BANG BOOM breathtaking joy-bringing outdoor animation.
This “British poster time capsule” makes me ever so happy.
Brandon Bird has organized a Law and Order art show. Each piece in “These are Their Stories” is an artist’s interpretation of a one-line episode summary [...]

Heat Gets Hotter

It was cooler up North than in the cities, but not by much. Seems Embarrass shed its reputation as “the coldest city in the lower 48” for our benefit. Saturday was steamy-hot. Though strolling through fields of wildflowers helped offset the discomfort, and we had multiple lovely screen porches to enjoy. Our Iron Range experiences [...]